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About us

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Jennifer lives in Reno, Nevada and was an elementary school teacher for 12 years, teaching in Indiana, Iowa, and Nevada. She currently is a stay at home mom to two wonderful kids and has a passion for the outdoors, decorating, and art.

Jenny approached her husband (Jeff) during the COVID-19 crisis with the idea of starting a luxury picnic business. This allowed her the ability to tap into her creative bug and be able to offer a service  to the community by creating an enjoyable atmosphere for guests to enjoy the outdoors in a relaxed/luxury setting.  Her husband has jump started two businesses, while guiding countless others with his global trade and business development background.

Anastasios (Taso)

Originally from Reno, Nevada, Taso earned three bachelor degrees and two master’s degrees from the University Nevada Reno, University of Fort Lauderdale, and Ohio State University, before landing a job as the Associate Director of Events and Diversity for the California Institute of Technology (Cal-Tech).  Taso has worked in event coordination for over ten years and loved the idea of starting a luxury picnic business when Jenny and her husband approached him.  Taso loves to be active, the outdoors, and fine cuisine.  This paired with his event coordination background makes his partnership a perfect fit!

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